Universidad Nacional
Paper 1
Comparison of Beowulf movie and Beowulf poem
Bryan Sequeira Ruiz

Next I am going to write a set of siliraties and differences between the movie of Beowulf and the poem of Beowulf.
First of all, we can see how the poem and the movie do not have the same beginning, the poem starts with a beer night party in which the Danes had settled in hall, then they learn from Grendel`s strength which made them grim., instead the movie starts with Grendel`s father slaughter.

In both the movie and the poem, we can see how there is a lot of violence especially between Grendel and the warrior of the Geats.

Grendel is a powerful monster that slaughters his victims, a mighty beast that kills a lot of people, in other words it is a monster that terrifies all the Danes, it is for that reason Beowulf is called in order to save all the Danes from Grendel.
This violence can be reflected through the fight between Grendel and Beowulf when Grendel met Beowulf and started a really bloody fight that ended up when Grendel got his arm cut by Beowulf and the monster felt defeated so that he tries to run away, this takes place in the poem, in the movie Beowulf did not cut Grendel`s arm.

In the poem, it starts similar when Grendel meets Beowulf, and Beowulf grasps Grendels`hand until Grendel`s fingers were broken, so there is a really big similarity between the fight in the movie and the fight in the poem.

It is very important to mention that both in the poem and the movie, Beowulf is seen as a human hero able to overpower the Danes.
There is a difference between the poem and the movie, in the poem Hrothgar is not Grendel`s father, in the movie Hrothgar is Grendel`s father.

Something very important is the theme of the history, because there is something that prevails over the poem and the movie that is the avenge, because; for example, in both the movie and the poem Grendel`s mother attacks Beowulf and wants to kill him; actually, the avenge is the main theme that encloses the story of Beowulf, it is a society that is characterized by revenge because of all the slaughters that happened at that time.

Also something that is part of my analysis is the religion, because in the movie the salvation plays an important role since they tried to save themselves throughout the baptism, so there is a link with the movie and the heaven, hell and the sin.

However, in the poem they tried to save themselves through Beowulf, so Beowulf was seen as a savior, someone who could save them all from the demon (Grendel). As a matter of fact, in the poem there is no baptism, that only happens in the movie, that is another difference between the movie and the poem.

The movie and the poem barely follow the same sequence since in the poem, Beowulf in his teenage faces Grendel and his witch mother, and during his oldness Beowulf faces the dragon; in fact, they can be the two greatest times of Beowulf in his life because it shows the braveness of a warrior, in the movie the dragon does not show up.

Also something different is that in the poem Grendel`s mother is seen as a monster woman who lived in the terrible water, instead in the movie Grendel`s mother is seen as a witch who also lived in the water.

In fact both the movie and the poem are linked by a history of power and violence in which we can see bloody scenes and deaths, they are two histories that lack of love, neither of them provides any link of friendship, but rather each of them cares about their own, every character of the movie and poem takes care of themselves because they have to fight to defend themselves from the bad things that happen.

The movie and the poem have a different ending, at the very end of the poem in the episode number twelve, Beowulf gets a funeral and the Geats built a mound for the warrior, and in the mound the Geats put rings and bracelets, in other words Beowulf was crowned in honor to all his braveness to help and save the Danes from all Grendel`s slaughters, the movie has the same ending; the movie finishes with Beowulf leaving Denmark and going back to his land.

Something very important between the movie and the poem is that, both of them belong to the old English period; eventually, there are some differences in pronunciation from the modern English to the English spoken at that time.